Satellite Nation

Aaron and his sometimes writing partner, Luke Del Tredici, created this independently-produced sketch comedy pilot in 2003 before anybody knew how to make things on the internet move around in a noisy fashion. The show was an interlocking series of comedy sketches that looped back on themselves as if a viewer was flipping channels on a TV set.

Some of the more stand-alone sketches are on YouTube (in scarily low-res quality, unfortunately) and can be viewed here.

The Teaching Annex - parody course catalog

I'm excited to announce that my former writing partner, Luke Del Tredici and I are giving the online world a glimpse at a cult-hit comedy project we put together five years ago. In 2006, we created a full 30-page fake copy of the "Learning Annex" course catalog, a parody that poked fun at the naive and smarmy "Yes You Can! If You Pay Us Enough" attitude of the real thing. We used it as a comedy writing sample, and it unexpectedly caught fire around Hollywood. For the past few years, we've heard that heavily-fingered copies of our fake Learning Annex had made its way into sitcom writers' rooms and network executives' bathrooms.

Today, we're excited to share this bathroom-reading with the world! We're rolling out an online version of the course catalog at, (UPDATE: (a little name change to avoid legalities) and tweeting @teachingannex.

For the next few months, you can check out a new course every day. Follow our RSS or Twitter feed, and if you like it, please share it with friends! TweetWe'd love to get the word out to as many new folks as possible, and you can help by hitting the facebook "like" or "tweet" button above. Thanks everybody!

"Nothing Ventured" series online

Three years ago, my friend and go-to comedy compatriot, Kit Pongetti and I shot a short film called Trendsetters. I played a con man, and Kit played my assistant, and it was the first time we explored a comedy dynamic -- repressed boss and his eager-to-please secretary -- that we've been playing around with ever since.

Today, I'm excited to roll out a follow-up project with a similar dynamic: Nothing Ventured. This 3-part web series puts us in familiar roles: me as a wealthy internet pioneer (and former ice cream parlor owner), and Kit as a job applicant for an assistant position.

Developing "Nothing Ventured" was a fun process. We used improv from beginning to end. A day of "rehearsal," riffing on various job interview topics for a few hours, filming the wide-ranging conversation. After reviewing this tape, we were able to boil down a few areas of improv that seemed most fertile, and we came up with a simple outline for three episodes. Not a script as much as a few bullet points on how one conversation topic flowed to the next. The day of the actual shoot, we bounced from one bullet point to the next, filming each loose "scenelet" a number of times, exploring the subject matter differently each time. In the editing room, I cut together a "best of" selection of takes, and the result is a set of three 4-5 minute webisodes!

Here's the first episode, you can watch the full series here.

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Let's see if I can do this

I've been meaning to become a blog guy, a guy who tweets apropos timelies about the world around him, for a year now. I think I found a platform that'll make it idiot-proof enough for me to do this with some kind of regularity. Only time will tell. Thanks to anybody who takes a look at the site. I'd love to hear comments. Getting a line of communication going with the outside world (especially people watching or reading my stuff) is one of the big draws toward jumping into the blogosphere -- a word I plan to use a lot in coming months.